Control Date

 Международная научная конференция «HUMAN

23–25 ноября 2021 г.

г. Магнитогорск



Conference program

For speakers


For online events in high definition, the HUMAN + 2021 team uses the ZOOM platform - a corporate platform that combines chat, meetings, notes and attachments in the workspace.

All registered participants of the Conference (foreign and Russian) need to download the ZOOM program to their computer (laptop, smartphone).

All registered participants of the Conference will be sent logins and passwords to enter the ZOOM system. Further, the direct participants of certain events of the Conference (primarily sectional sessions) will be invited to these events by their organizers - 10-15 minutes before their start, or go to them on their own. Direct participation in the event gives the right not only to listen and watch the speakers, but also to ask them questions, participate in the discussion, etc.

Those Conference participants who are not directly involved in this event will be able to watch online the broadcast of this event in the ZOOM system using the link that will be posted on the Conference website in the "Video Broadcast" section, and ask questions to the speakers in the broadcast chat in writing.


Video presentation

What is a video presentation?

- A video presentation is a video clip made from a finished presentation (for example, in PowerPoint). This is a unique opportunity to voice and comment on the results of your research. When preparing your presentation, it is not recommended to read the information included in the slides. The purpose of creating a video presentation is to clarify and clarify the methodology and methods of analysis, stages of research, as well as decoding the data obtained. This approach aims to create a live scientific discussion in a virtual format.

Do I need to include my university logo and HUMAN +?

 - Yes. Both logos must be included.

What quality video presentation should be?

 - Maximum option full HD, 1920 x 1080 or medium HD, 1280 x 720.

How big should the file be?

- 50 megabytes maximum.

In which program can you create a video presentation?

- Video presentation can be created in different programs (Microsoft Teams, Keynote). We suggest using PowerPoint.

In what format should the video be saved?

 - Recommended video formats: .mp4, .wmv, .avi, mpeg4.

How long should the recording be?

 - 15-20 minutes.

Are there requirements for the file name?

- Request to arrange according to the sample: Ivanov I. And others. TITLE of the video.

Who from the team creates the video presentation?

- Any co-author can make a video presentation.

What language should the video presentation be in, Russian or English?

- In the same language in which you plan your performance.

The video has been made, what are the next steps?

- The video file must be uploaded to the cloud storage (Yandex Drive, Google Drive, Mail Cloud or any similar service). Make sure the file is available via a direct link without any restrictions or additional requests.

The deadline for sending the video presentation is November 10.